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in Orbetello


Project by: Taylor Hoople, Max Horkenbach and Ethan Hagan

Fragment 2_Perspective plan.jpg

The project implements ideas of 'fragmentation' to destabilize the anachronistic dichotomy of human v. nature. Partial and overlapping narratives of the ecological & anthropological  histories of the site force a confrontation between the visitor and their relationship to domesticated natures.

Research slideshow_image 1.jpg

Our research centered on the recurring algal blooms within the Orbetello Lagoon. The eutrophication process that follows is the lagoon adapting to its new anthropogenic neighbors- and yet extensive 'remediation' efforts have been undertaken to combat this process.

Fralgaement Slideshow_ image 1.jpg
Screen Shot 2021-11-25 at 11.27.59 AM.png
Site Plan 980x1283.jpg

T-1 in tandem with t-2 acknowledge the temporal hybridity of orbetello by questioning how both existing and new seams, textures, ground, walls, etc. can be challenged by the site conditions through different time stamps (t0, t1, t2, etc).

Exterior Video Still_Image 1.jpg

Fragment 1 is a monumental algae research laboratory, cleaning facility, and experimental algae production space. The water silos hold algae to be processed by the cleaning center and are in communication with the heavy existing infrastructural architecture of the site. The exterior sunken courtyard serves as a a hinge point in the site circulation, wrapping the flow of people back into the site from the end of the main circulation axis.

Fragment 1_Axon render.png
Fragment 1_Interior render.jpg
Fragment 1_Vert. silo render.jpg
Fragment 1_Courtyard render.jpg

Fragment 2 is a distributed network of ground articulation that combines the interior algae farm on the left with the algae marketplace on the right. The two push and pull each other into the central courtyard, creating moments of porosity and dissolving the edge between the two interior programs.

Fragment 2_Perspective plan.jpg
Fragment 2_Market entrace render.jpg
Fragment 2_Seam render.jpg
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