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in Selinunte

Campo Natura Selinunte

Project by:

Chidnedum Ijomanta, Catherin Kovalcik


Welcome to Campo Natura Selinunte! Here campers from ages 8 - 16 will be immersed in and explore the nature of Selinunte and Sicily. In a world governed by technology, campers will be challenged to go back to the basics of humanity and become one with nature and themselves. To achieve this, campers will participate in learning about the local nature of Selinunte in our outdoor classrooms, spend time exploring our natural camp that reaches the beach, and practice mindfulness through meditation, yoga, journaling, and gardening to get in tune with their circadian rhythms. Through their time at this camp, campers will leave appreciative of the world around them and that life that makes it up.

The first diagram shows the types of natural parks found throughout Sicily. The second depicts the relationship between the camp layout and a human's circadian rhythm. The third diagram shows the privacy throughout the site as well as the diagram layout. The last diagram explains the behavioral patterns and development needs for the age groups attending the camp.


Plan of the camp. Plant diagram of flora found on the site.

The views of the camp start with the first view looking at the side of the cabin and the play space. The second view shows the entrance to a cabin. The third view shows the entrance of the camp from the road. The last view shows the amphitheater looking out onto the ocean.

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