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in Selinunte

Eat, Sleep, Play, Repeat!

Project by:

Romi Moller, Nihar Varadappagari


Eat, Sleep, Play, Repeat! is an educational agricultural camp for 45 campers between the ages of 10-15 years old. The camp focuses its teachings during the summer on preserving traditional farming techniques and promoting contemporary ones whilst functioning year-round by inviting university students to conduct research in the fall+spring. Investigating the topic of food in Sicily, we condensed our research into a complete food cycle, looking at how food is produced, processed, accessed and disposed of in Sicily. Rationalizing this into our project resulted in us focusing on the three main aspects we found interesting about Sicily.

Inspired by the cycles we noticed, we diagramed the cycles + adjacencies of a camper and food. We form a cycle with 5 connections from our central point with cyclical and informal connections in-between, which translates into the heart of our project through the form of a pavilion.


The pavilion serves as the heart for both the machine and site with programmatic nodes stemming from it. These programs are classrooms and labs, a dining room, a garden, a composting system, sleep and play. These 5 nodes are connected with paved and rouge paths cutting through the landscape.

The Idea of contrast was vital, emphasizing our futuristic intervention into a natural landscape. In plan the intervention can be seen sitting on this natural, growing plinth and in perspectives, approach from the pavilion is seen on a rigid path, surrounded by overgrown landscape v/s the building’s futuristic materiality.

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