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in Selinunte

Filo Mediterraneo

Project by:

Danny Horan, Max Fernandez, Oscar Cheng


Filo Mediterraneo is a proposal for a youth sailing camp in Marinella di Selinunte, Sicily, that aims to encourage and foster attentive engagement with the beautiful and consequential Mediterranean Sea amongst youth in Italy and abroad. As a thread, the project generates a new connection to the water, both physically as an addition to the town’s existing pedestrian network and waterfront infrastructure, and conceptually as a social tool, increasing community engagement with the waters of Selinunte in hopes of becoming a catalyst for more dialogue regarding the Italian water crisis.

This 1:35 model of one of the cabin units highlights their tensile structure that allows for their assembly and disassembly, as well as the elevated boardwalk and platform system that lifts the circulation and buildings across the campus off the ground surface, leaving the natural ecology of the site to flourish.


The potential for assembling and disassembling the cabins becomes an important aspect of the project, with the rigging ceremony by the campers celebrating the start of each season, and the derigging process erasing the trace of the campers, leaving behind a dynamic public space for the local community.

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