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SUF SP'21 - ARC 571 SURVEY Florence Lec-Tours!

At this link you can access the Google Map of Florence with audio mini-lectures/recordings. This is still in progress. We will instruct you more specifically about how to use it and what to do specifically during next week.

These are the icons we're using:

Outdoor / visitable

Indoors / possibly not accessible

Sketching assignment (if indoors possibly not accessible)

If you are accessing it from an iPhone/iOS (at least on my iPhone) :

you should not open the link via "Google Maps" app, but should open it via Safari or a Browser (copy-paste link in address bar, or long-press on link and go from there), since the links in the pinpoints on the map don't properly link and take you to Google Drive where the files are stored. (login with !)

On Android may be different. Let us know!

You can also download these files before you go out in the city in case you don't have Data service.

Please let us know if you are having any issue.

Have a great weekend!

Best regards,

Jane & Luca


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