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SUF SP'21 - ARC 571 SURVEY Lecture "Archisketch"

Below you can access the 2 part ARC 571 lecture "Archisketch" as an overview of several examples of Modern and Contemporary architectural sketching and drawn recordings of buildings.

At this link you can view part 1 (Wright to Terragni).

At this link you can view part 2 (Scarpa to Zermani).

As a reminder:

In relation to the upcoming asynchronous introductory lecture on "Architectural Materials in Italy" please read this article and post a comment on the Borgo-Blog by our next in-person class of Friday March 19th:

Antonella De Michelis, Kristi Cheramie. “On Stone, Continuity, and Romanitas” in Through Time and the City, Routledge, 2020.

Best regards,

Jane & Luca


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