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SUF SP'21 - ARC 571 SURVEY Lectures "Materials"

Below you can access the 5 part ARC 571 lectures "Architectural Materials" as an overview of materials used in relation to their locations in Italy. These lectures will be useful and referred to also in the future, getting closer to looking at these cities.

Remember to log-in to YT with your "" account to view them !

Individual PDF's of these lectures can be found here.

As a reminder for Friday March 19th:

1- read the article sent last week (On Stone, Continuity, and Romanitas) and post a comment on the Borgo-Blog

2- review the ARC 571 Assignment and share updates on the Conceptboard space

3- read one of the two following articles (your choice) and post a response & comment of the Borgo-Blog:

Tamburelli, Rituals, Obstacles and Architecture, San Rocco n.4, 2012


Aureli, Shéhérazade, Rituals and Walls, The Architecture of Sacred Space, Architectural Association, 2016

Best regards,

Jane & Luca


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