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SUF SP'21 - ARC 571 SURVEY - TSH Analysis

As mentioned today, we are asking you to “warm up” your pencils by analysing the spaces of TSH, starting (or ending) from your own bedroom space, and considering, together with all the aspects listed in today’s lecture :

relations within single spaces, relations between spaces, at various scales, through a variety of ways of looking and analysing...

Please submit these drawings by photographing them and posting them on this CB space, by MONDAY April 5, at 12:00: Password: BORGO_student21

At this link you can find the base plans of TSH.

At this link you can access todays presentation and summary Notes from Drawn to Design.

At this link you can find todays sketching demonstration drawings..

Wishing you all a pleasant weekend.

Best regards,

Luca & Jane


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