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_______BORGO DIGITALE is the SPRING 2021 Research Program of Syracuse University School of Architecture in Florence. This website will act as a shared research platform for our students as well as a way to reach wider audiences for the development of the work._________________________________________

___________________________________The program investigates the ongoing negotiation of local-historical traditions and global-contemporary values using Florence and Italy as site of investigation. Rather than focusing on static, monolithic imaginaries of Italian culture with their nostalgic drive, we are interested in bringing such histories in conversation with contemporary design practices and pedagogies___________________________________

______Our event series includes invited guest lecturers, digital workshops and public reviews________________

Lecture Series

Lecture Series

Lecture Series

Public Review Event

Lecture Series

Closing Event SP 2021

_________Reach out to us if you have any questions, if you are interested in collaborating, or just to say hi! ____


BORGO DIGITALE is the SPRING 2021 Research Program of Syracuse University School of Architecture in FlorenceAs a response to the current COVID pandemic, the program will be delivered in mixed format, from remote to in person/hybrid; we will use this website as a shared research platform. Students will be able to find additional materials at the 'Private Resources' link below.


Daniele Profeta

Program Director


Luca Ponsi

Program Instructor

Field Studies Coordinator


Jenna Merry

Mahmoud Ashrifeh

Liam Baker

Tyler Mudge

Matthew Gilligan

Marco Pagliara

Erin Zearfoss

Madeline Alves

Michael Tischler

Winnie Tam

Chloe Demarco

Mel Oganesian

Yu Jie Chen

Gina Bouza

Isabel Sierra

Pramita Mital

Camryn Morton

Leyla Ramelmeier

Camille Jane Cosmiano

Andrea Hoe