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in Selinunte

Round Table

Project by:

Isabella Bai, Sophia Levy


Sicily's central location in the Mediterranean has made it the hub of cultural influences. Camp Round Table explores the idea of Sicily as an island of convergence and experimentation using food as impetus. Round Table uses culinary practice to explore Sicily's rich background and encourage personal cultural exchange. The camp is designed for 52 international young chefs ranging from 14-18 to experience during the summer. This Camp inspires students to build broader culinary awareness and motivate their creativity. We lead campers to acquire basic to intermediate cooking skills while developing soft skills like resourcefulness and responsibility.

Campers will reside in their assigned hillside sea-view cabins. During the day, they learn to cook in the kitchen classrooms, share their work with each other in the circular courtyard market space, and dine with their classmates under the tree in the heart of the camp.


Campers actively participate in taking care of the garden and orchard and attend supplementary courses like nutrition and sustainability in the classrooms and library. Students engage with the Selinunte community through the on-site restaurant to showcase their knowledge and work and to explore themes of islandness, hospitality, leadership, and neighborliness.

Our camp is derived from the geometries of dishes set on a table, the movement of food around a table, and how food is displayed and interacted with. The ground condition is developed to encourage non-linear circulation and the exploration of the landscape, trickling down to the Mediterranean.

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