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SUF SP'21 - ARC 571 SURVEY Lecture "Writing, Drawing, Models"

Below you can access the lecture "Modes of Architectural Communication - Writing, Drawing, Models" by prof. Zaloga.

At this link you can view a re-cap of the portion we did synchronously.

At this link you can view the 2nd part/continuation of the lecture.

To view the videos you must sign-in to Youtube with your account.

We will soon be posting the videos of the Modern and Contemporary Architectural Sketches as well.

In relation to the upcoming asynchronous introductory lecture on "Architectural Materials in Italy" please read this article and post a comment on the Borgo-Blog by our next in-person class of Friday March 19th:

Antonella De Michelis, Kristi Cheramie. “On Stone, Continuity, and Romanitas” in Through Time and the City, Routledge, 2020.

Best regards,

Jane & Luca


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