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in Castiglione d'Orcia




The goal of this project is to bring humanity and 5G technology into an intimate space through the lens of the agriturismo. We wish to examine the ways in which the intimate interaction between humans and 5G can become a healing component. Our project is a rendition of mezzadria in which labor is exchanged for a type of benefit, in our case, the benefit reaped will be the healing qualities of agriculture. The physical act of cultivation will act as the driving therapeutic agent as well as the interaction with the robots. Therefore, people who wish to escape from the urban lifestyle can come to our project to go through the agricultural healing process that starts from farm to table. Within the farming land, the main space of wellness, interaction between humans and robots will be fully symbiotic.


The sheer amount of information that can be processed by the 5G network as well as the unprecedented speed it operates at will increase the vulnerability of our digital lives. Accepting 5G is like going from fireworks to dynamite sticks.  This unsettling description is similar to the affect 5G will have on us. We will interact with it almost daily but the unnerving feeling of the potential harm it could inflict will always be there. Our exploration lies in the question of “how does 5G, a potentially dangerous entity, disguise itself into our daily lives?”.  We wanted to juxtapose the harsh and cold materials associated with 5G with something comforting, familiar and even cute. We see the implementation of this “superficial cuteness” as 5G’s attempt to embed itself into our lives and  to ensure that all of its intentions are good.


Pixel farming is a cropping system that mobilizes high-resolution diversity in arable fields. As the program of the pixel shifts from low robotic interaction to high interaction, the pixel begins to contort and carve away to embed itself into the land blurring what is building and what is ground.


Crop rotation helps improve soil health and optimize nutrients in the soil. Hence, the crops at the Agribot Wellness rotate according to the growing seasons. Each season has two different types of crops with lettuce being planted for all year round.

APARTMENT: As one of our main goals is wellness the apartment zone of the project will emphasize a void of technology and allow humans to a respite from their devices and screens

COMMUNAL KITCHEN: Within this space, the robots and humans will occupy the space and must learn to coexist. Humans will dine in the space as well as cook while the robots will prepare food for cooking and clean up after the space. The interaction here is more familiar to how humans interact with robots today

ChinJinTungkaserawong-PP-012 copy.jpg

INDOOR FARMING: Here the interaction between humans and robots is similar as the one in the communal kitchen however the hierarchy between human and robot is equal. Both robot and human work together with the common goal of harvesting the produce.

ChinJinTungkaserawong-PP-014 copy.jpg

OLIVE OIL MANUFACTURING/FARM LAND: Within the manufacturing space, humans and robots will need to adapt to each other's way of movement and how their forms occupy the space as humans will be through brain-controlled robots. With this technology humans are able to help correct any mistakes made by the robots and will allow robots to adapt with humans instead of the other way around. Here the interaction between human and robot will be seamless.

ChinJinTungkaserawong-PP-016 copy.jpg

By working closely with the robots in farming, humans become mentally healed from the urban lifestyle, and learn to symbiotically live with technology.

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